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Optometry Forum

PostHeaderIcon Australian Optometry and Optical Industry Forum

         Online discussion forum for Optometrists and Optical Dispensers.


Discussions and professional experiences on:

  • Industrial relations
  • Leases
  • The future of optometry
  • Ethics
  • Practice management software
  • Examination and Optical Lab equipment
  • Optometric practice management, networking and building
  • Paperless office and clinical discussion
  • Classified Ads, equipment for sale, employment opportunities

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Optomforum Mission Statement

Optomforum is an online Optometrists and Optical Dispensing discussion forum, designed to encourage professional discourse and deliberation regarding optometric issues in Australia which is FREE to all Australian optometrists, optical dispensers, orthoptists, ophthalmologists and optometry students. This forum is moderated by experienced and currently practising members of the industry.

Optomforum endeavours to have:

  • Administrators who permit free discussion.
  • Members who can choose to view their topic of interest saving time and bandwidth.
  • Encouragement for active deliberation and participation in a professional manner. Optomforum discussions are inclusive of all issues and points of view relating to the optical industry in Australia.
  • Membership which respects Internet Privacy, email addresses are not publicly disclosed when making posts.
  • Previous threads accessable at a later date to avoid the same conversations from being repeated unnecessarily and to give a wider scope of discussion.
  • Optical industry related miscellaneous wafflings, urban myths, dogmatic ideas and dross permitted and welcome.

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