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    Published on 22nd April 2011 05:37 PM
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    By Sue Papadoulis

    Optometrists have huge media potential, yet very few harness the power of free publicity.

    There are countless opportunities to provide comment on optometry and eye care topics every week.

    Generating free media coverage on television and radio, in newspapers and magazines can be easy to achieve, without the need for an expensive public relations firms. It is possible to establish a good media profile spending as little as an hour or two each month.

    The benefits can’t be underestimated. Being on television or radio, in newspapers and magazines can drive thousands of dollars worth of new business to your door and make you the ‘go to’ eye care expert in your area.

    So, how does it work? The first key is finding a newsworthy angle. Here’s a four-step guide to coming up with something that the media will find interesting:

    Published on 14th March 2011 11:40 PM
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    by Kirsty Wilson

    More than likely, by now you have a fair idea of what Social Media Networking is all about, and you could well be active in one or more of the available social media platforms. How do you choose what platforms to be involved in and which to leave alone – you can’t possibly be part of all the social networking communities that are out there!

    For myself, I’m unable to attend face-to-face networking functions easily due to family commitments and this is where online social networking becomes invaluable. It’s also the way business/consumer relationships are heading with the move towards a Web 2.0 environment. In support of this I’d like to share this interview ...

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