• Ophthalmic and Optical Equipment

    Directory of suppliers of equipment for eye examination such as refractors, slit lamps, computerized eye charts, ophthalmoscopes, BIO, gonio lenses, etc. and suppliers of optical dispensing equipment such as patternless lens edging machines, vertometers, lens tinting systems, frame adjusting pliers etc. Also directory of equipment service specialists.



    BOC Ophthalmic Instruments

    Designs for Vision

    Device Technologies

    DAW Optical Services Equipment Service/Repair - associated with I-Optic

    Economedical  Discount online eye exam equipment

    Gerber Coburn

    I-Chart  Software for computerized eye chart

    Insight optics New and Used equipment - Sales and service

    IOC Technologies  agents for Briot-Weco in Western Australia.



    OMS Opto Chemicals  information on optical surface treatments from lens tinting systems to anti-scratch treatments.


    Optical Manufacturers



    Servicing Optics  Melbourne based sales and service of optical equipment.

    PSI Supplies Solenoids for connecting edging equipment to mains water. Need something like 1/4" 2 way solenoid valve, 230VAC, Normally Closed, to connect to ISO 4400 connector. A 350kPa pressure reducing valve to be placed before the solenoid is a good idea also. Extra fittings may be needed to fit to hoses. Hoses before the solenoid should be heavy duty - not washing machine hoses.


    Sites Giving Information about Equipment and the use of equipment

    Gonioscopy.org  site dedicated to teaching gonioscopy through the use of videography.

    Red Atlas  electronic atlas of eye disorders designed to help Ophthalmologists and Optometrists-in-training learn to identify eye diseases through pattern recognition.