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    Fair Work Australia recommends that employers seek individual advice regarding which awards are applicable to each workplace. Fair Work Australia will provide individual written advice to employers about the relevant award if they apply for it.

    General guide is contained below: please note that this may not apply to you.

    The relevant award for optical dispensing and optical assistants in many cases is:

    General Retail Industry Award 2010

    Victoria does not have its own state awards. In Victoria certain federal awards apply to everyone in the relevant industry who is not named in any federal award or certified agreement. Awards do not apply to employers who have their own certified agreements. Certified agreements can continue to apply to a new employer after the purchase of a business from an employer who was part of a certified agreement.

    The relevant award for optical dispensing and optical assistants in Victoria (for workplaces not covered by a certified agreement and not named in any award) is General Retail Industry Award 2010.

    Written employment contracts (such as contracts available from Law Central) allow employers to "set off" award conditions, penalty rates, and leave loading in return for higher pay. 

    Some award conditions can be modified with a written contract - for example, the Retail award allows the employee to have two 10 minute rest breaks and one 45 minute lunch break per day. The award allows the employer and employee to reach agreement about altering such entitlements. A written contract is one way to do this - these alterations are not included in the Law Central contract and have to be entered manually. If the employer does not have a written contract with a set-off clause, then an employee can claim penalty rates even if they are paid well above the award rate.

    Below are listings of state awards for other states. It is recommended to get individual advice from the Fair Work Australia before making any decisions on staff pay rates. Some employers may be covered under state awards, and others may be covered under federal awards. Territories use Federal awards, check with the Fair Work Australia.


    For Optical Mechanics:  AN120332 Mechanical Opticians (State) Award


    For Optical Mechanics:  AN140198 Optical Manufacturing Industry Employees Award - State 2003


    For Optical Mechanics: AN150100 Optical Employees Award


    For optical receptionists, clerical workers and mechanics: AN170074 Optical Industries Award


    For Optical Mechanics: AN160237 Optical Mechanics' Award, 1971

    AIRC - Australian Industrial Relations Commission Full text of all awards can be downloaded here.

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